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What is SCiB™?
Toshiba SCiB™ is a highly safe rechargeable battery with six outstanding characteristics.

By using oxide-based materials (Lithium Titanium Oxide), SCiB™ is designed to prevent thermal runaway resulting from short circuiting caused by physical stress.

Furthermore, SCiB™ has various superior characteristics, including a long life exceeding 20,000 charge/discharge cycles, rapid charging time of 6 minutes, input/output current densities comparable with capacitors, and operation at temperatures as low as -30°C or as high as 1.

Military grade for rapid charging and deployment

  • Extremely fast recharge: 6 minutes to 80%, 12 minutes to 100% with the right charger
  • Customized and tailorable for mission sets.
  • Ideal for quick set up and move operations.
  • Ideal for remote sites and off the grid sites.

Made for rugged and extreme operating environments

  • Ability to operate in extreme high and low temperatures.
  • Low maintenance and expeditionary.
  • Not temperature sensitive, store them outdoors or wherever.
  • Available with inverters/chargers to make a complete off grid power system.

Rugged design

  • Bulletproof- shooting these batteries will not result in a fire and tests show that the batteries can maintain 60% capacity even after puncture.
  • - Fireproof- even when compacted to 50% of their size the batteries will not catch fire and still have output capacity.
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